Child and Family Therapy

I am passionate about helping parents and children develop a secure and safe attachment that promotes love, hope, and respect between all. Many of today’s parenting issues can be addressed in improving the parent/child relationship. It is through a solid emotionally attached relationship with your child(ren) that we can begin to shape the environment in your home that is conducive to positive parenting strategies…strategies void of control, punishment and anger.

If you find yourself angry, stressed or simply overwhelmed by the task of parenting, you find yourself viewing your child as defiant and disobedient, or you simply struggle at finding good options for parenting then family therapy with an emphasis on the parent child bond may be just for you. Rather than giving you a model of parenting I will actively listen and observe your family. Then together we will build a customized parenting plan that is informed by solid parenting research yet uniquely tailored to your family.